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Ventilation Hose Manufacturer


Introducing Shreeji Techno Innovations, a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality PVC Coated Polyester Fabric Tunnel Ventilation Ducts. Our ventilation ducts are designed to provide efficient air movement in various applications. This portable and flexible channel hose is constructed using PVC coated polyester fabric, ensuring durability and reliability.

The main body of our flexible air duct is reinforced with spring steel wire, which enhances its physical strength and flexibility. The helix design provides a flexible channel with improved structural integrity. To protect the helix and enhance longevity, the outer part of the duct is equipped with an abrasion-resistant wear band. This wear band safeguards the tube body from physical wear when sliding the vent on the ground or other surfaces.

Our PVC coated polyester fabric tunnel air duct is specially designed for air conduction, making it suitable for a range of ventilation applications. It can be utilized as a general vent, air conditioning duct, and portable air conditioning duct cleaner. With an operating temperature range of -20 to 80 degrees Celsius, our flexible ventilation duct is capable of efficiently moving cold and hot air.

Our product is also known by various names, including Ventilation Hose, Tunnel Hose, Exhaust Hose, Air Duct, and Yellow Hose, highlighting its versatility and wide range of applications.

Construction of Ventilation Duct Hose

  • WALL: High-density polyester woven fabric with PVC coating on both sides
  • SPIRAL: Reinforced steel wire

Count on Shreeji Techno Innovations to provide you with high-quality PVC Coated Polyester Fabric Tunnel Ventilation Ducts that meet your air movement requirements. Our reliable and durable ducts are designed to perform in diverse environments, ensuring efficient airflow and temperature control.

Specification of Ventilation Duct Hose

TEMPERATURE RANGE -10° C to 80° C ( Up to 100° C short time temperature)
STANDARD COLOR Yellow, orange
WALL THICKNESS 0.38 MM and Above/td>
Air Velocity 35M/sec
STANDARD SIZE 100mm to 1000mm

Characteristic of Ventilation Duct Hose

  • Highly flexible & adjustable.
  • High flexibility & expansion: compression ratio 30:1.
  • Skeleton: carbon steel wire with ultimate strength.
  • Pipe wall: high flame retardant mesh fabric.
  • Anti acid & alkali, corrosion fume and anti-aging.
  • Wear-resistance and durable.
  • Compliance with ROHS regulations.

Applications of Ventilation Duct Hose

  • Air pollution prevention and control.
  • Mechanical and fan ventilation.
  • Ship, airport ventilation.
  • Construction industries: tunnel ventilation.
  • Ventilation of tents
  • Waste gas exhaust
  • Tunnel
  • Light duty duct extrusion
  • Air moment
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